suddenly remembers florian tattooed his hip

that’s gonna fuck up his brain gfdi

what breaks my heart about lostelle is he used to be the sweetest little kid and would help his mother with the gardening and he’d try and make all the friends and even in his more adolescent years he was still such a baby and a huge gentleman and was there to lend a helping hand to everyone and was always smiling

and now he’s willing to reap the soul of anyone who even breaths his air

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Abusive plots;

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"Then wha—” He started to say, confusion clear on his face. First it’s ‘stay’ and then the opposite. Aspen didn’t enjoy the whiplash and wasn’t happy. He could only assume Roman was purposely antagonizing him. 

At least until his roommate continued, the demand almost becoming a kiss. Almost. Aspen couldn’t stop himself from being disappointed. He’d packed away all his belongings but he couldn’t find a box that could keep his stupid feelings contained. If he had really wanted to leave, he should have just let Roman keep the hoodie —but Aspen didn’t want to. 

He dropped his grip on the sweater they held and lifted his hands to Roman’s face, cupping his cheeks and closing what could hardly be considered a gap between them. He had no excuses this time. He couldn’t claim drunkenness or blame shitty decisions at four in the morning.

There was nothing he could actually blame it on. He wasn’t sure if there were any feelings felt for the Aspen in an honest manner. He wasn’t sure if it was his pure selfish desire to keep him there with him, because he didn’t want to be alone or refused to accept change. He wasn’t sure of anything, really. Only the fact that Aspen wasn’t allowed to leave.

A sharp intake of air was taken through his nose the moment their lips met, and he couldn’t hold himself back. His hands instantly took hold of Aspen’s waist, the hoodie forgotten, and he pulled the other in close. Maybe it was just a fatal attraction that he’d developed —something he needed to get out of his system. No matter what he thought, he couldn’t convince himself of anything.

So he caved, indulging in the kiss and kept Aspen there in a tight hold, the affections given with relentless fervor. And for the first time, he wasn’t drunk. He was conscious, and knew very well what he was doing, and he showed no signs of stopping, and even dared to deepen the kiss.

}— Let It Go »


"Roman…" His tone was cautious. His roommate had become an unknown variable and his motives, uncertain. Aspen tried to take his words with a grain of salt. The feeling in his chest was best to be ignored.

"I shouldn’t stay. I need to go, it’s better if I go. You’ll remember how much you’ve wanted me to leave and laugh about asking me to stay later. It’s just change that sucks.” Aspen was surprised by how level he kept his voice. He was trying to convince Roman as much as he was trying to convince himself.

He tried to stay withdrawn. Leaving was good. Roman would find a new roommate he liked and Aspen wouldn’t have a crush on someone he couldn’t stand and, more importantly, who couldn’t stand him.

"Don’t ask me to stay," The blond muttered, barely audible. 

He could feel a twitch in his brow, then furrowed as he stared at Aspen. Who was he to try and make reason out of this? He wanted Aspen to stay, he couldn’t give a damn about change. And maybe, just maybe he was right! Maybe he hated the thought of change, but what did it matter? Why couldn’t he just make Aspen stay, if only for that matter?

Unfortunately, however, he knew that wasn’t the only case.

"I’m not asking you to stay." His voice was oddly leveled, compared to how it just had been. Harsh, demanding, but leveled. He stared Aspen directly in the eye, lips pursing. It was only a quick movement, so quickly done a millisecond would be an overstatement, but his eyes trained their view away and glanced down to the other’s lips. Fuck.

With little to no thought, Roman pulled Aspen in close by tugging the sweater, and before he knew it their lips were a fraction away from each other. "I’m telling you,” he nearly whispered with his eyes focused on Aspen’s mouth.

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}— Let It Go »


He’d forgotten about that hoodie despite Roman wearing it often, it had become normal to see on the other. Aspen didn’t really want to take it back now. He liked having the raven wear something of his. But he couldn’t leave it now, couldn’t let Roman just have it, because he’d mull over it for months after he left, knowing he’d left it behind and wondering if it meant anything at all. Somehow it’d taken on a symbolic meaning, it had been lent to Roman after his horrid mistake —the beginning, in a sense. And now the end.

He stared down at it blankly, holding on but not tugging it out of his roommate’s hand. The blond’s eyebrows furrowed. If he took it now then that was it, the end of their strained cohabitation. Aspen had resigned to this when he’d agreed to move out, but this final task seemed so momentous for something so simple. All he had to do was take the damned hoodie.

"Are you going to let go?" 

Some part of him didn’t want Aspen to have it, either. It would be the only thing he had left of him, really. As stupid as it sounded… Holding it there in his hands, offering it back to him, Roman realized just what was happening and how this blond fuck of a roommate had grown on him terribly. Would they even talk once he left? He doubted it… And now that he thought about it, he didn’t like that one bit.

”.. No,” he croaked, still failing to make eye contact. In fact, his grip threw tighter and mix match hues fell to his feet. He was like that for a moment, fixated on the floor as he mulled everything over. Was this really it? This stupid hoodie that he’d practically stolen from Aspen was the only thing keeping him here? The raven swallowed thickly, jaw clenching.

"Don’t go." His words were flat, staccato. Devoid of any hint that he might be upset. A sigh filled his lungs and he finally looked up to the other, though he found it hard to keep eye contact.

"I’ll.. Unload everything. Pay off the stupid fucking U-Haul. Just, stay… Here." He pulled in his lower lip to bite it rather, hating how vulnerable he sounded.

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